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General Terms & Conditions

1. General
1.1.  The organizer agrees with Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH, that the General Terms and Conditions apply to this
event. Divergent agreements require a written version and are valid only with the signature of both business partners.
1.2.  Agreements of performances and deliveries get valid and definite only with a written
re-confirmation of the organizer.
1.3.  The object of agreement is the last valid offer of Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH or a possible written amendment of
1.4.  In case of deviations between a verbal and written order, also the resulting confirmation of Gerstner Catering Betriebs
GmbH, the latter is substantial.

2. Payment Policy
2.1.  In order to consider your reservation as a definite booking, we kindly require a pre-payment, which amounts of 80%
of the total amount by (at the latest) 28 days in prior to the event , to the following account: Gerstner Catering Betriebs
GmbH with BACA KTO.-NR. 405 034 000, BLZ 12000, IBAN: AT 461200000405034000, BIC: BKAUATWW or
BAWAG KTO.-NR. 04410 705 350, BLZ 14000, IBAN: AT 891400004410705350, BIC: BAWAATWW; UID: ATU
61417577. Alternatively you can provide us with your credit card details for a pre-authorization. Kindly indicate the
name of the card holder, credit institution, credit card number and the security code.
2.2.  Only invoices above € 600,00 incl VAT will be processed by our accounting department and can be sent to your com-
pany. Amounts under € 600,00 incl VAT will be charged via credit card.
2.3.  The outstanding amount is due upon receipt of the invoice without a discount.
2.4.  The product remains the property of Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH until the complete payment.
2.5.  The invoice can be settled either by means of announced credit card details or by means of transfer.
2.6. In case the invoice has not been paid within 4 weeks, after the receipt, the owner will have to authorize the given
credit card for the final charges of his event.

3. Cancellation Policy
3.1.  No fee shall apply in case of cancellation within 30 days prior to the event.
3.2.  In case cancellation is made 14 days prior to the event 20% of the last valid offer will be charged.
3.3.  In case of cancellation, 2 days prior to the event 70% of the last valid offer will be charged.
3.4  100% of the last valid offer will be charged as cancellations within 48 hours prior to the event.
3.5.  The conditions specified under item 3 also apply to cancellation invoices.
3.6.  If either a payment, a deposit or a partial payment from this or another contract by the organizer to
Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH delays or in case a probable bad financial situation of the organizer becomes
public (e.g. protest of a bill, dishonour of checks, legal actions, executions),
Gerstner Catering Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to withdraw from this agreement.

4. Order and delivery
4.1  Goods can only be delivered in the selectable minimum units. Set—up and break—down, as well
as collecting items at your booth are not included to the delivery service.
4.2  We will charge € 10,- plus VAT delivery fee.
New order made directly on site will be charged at a flat rate of € 20,00 per delivery plus VAT.
4.3  The return of any goods is not possible. Any order has to be confirmed, 14 days in prior to the
begin of the event.
4.4.  During the convention, you're able to change an existing order or place a new order for the
following day until 13.00 o'clock.
Only via or via telephone + 43-1-316 65 – 2423 .
4.5.  Ordered and delivered goods can not be returned and have to be paid by the end of the exhibition.

5. Miscellaneous
5.1  For hired equipment, which is has not been returned, we will charge the value of new acquisition.
Rented equipment should not to be left at the booth, but taken back on schedule.
5.2  Cleaning of tableware
Used glass and china, which is prepared for return, will be replaced with your ordered clean
5.3  Deposit and Return of empties
If marked recycling bottles have not be returned, a deposit of € 6,00 will be charged to your
final bill.
Empties may be returned every day between 14.00—18.00 h, after an appointment by phone.
On the last day of the event , the whole empties will be collected by our staff.
Please be aware, that full bottles, will not be taken back.

6. Obligation to Registration
In case of any events that are subject to entertainment tax according to the
Austrian law (like balls, fashion shows, music events etc.) the prices for food and beverage in-
crease about 8%.

7. Place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction and performance is Vienna.

8. Final regulations
If single regulations according to this agreement, should be or should get ineffective, this will not
apply to the effectiveness of the other regulations.


BANK AUSTRIA KTO.-NR. 405 034 000, BAWAG KTO.-NR. 04410 705 350, UID: ATU 10326609, FN 8038x, SITZ UND GERICHTSSTAND: WIEN
TELEFON: +43-1-316 65 –2423, FAX: +43-1-316 65—4420, E-MAIL:,, WWW.GERSTNER.AT

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